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Babelle is made to predict a challenge in the Wordle style for geography, much like the well-known classic Wordle game. In contrast to Wordle, this game calls for you to solve a mystery problem. The names of genuine countries or regions must appear in every response. You will discover how far, in which direction, and how near your guess is to the target country as you make assumptions.
You have six guesses in BABELLE to determine which country a city is in. The name of an authorized nation or territory must be used in every response. As you place your bets, you'll get feedback on the proximity, direction, and distance between your guess and the target nation.


Using their knowledge of the world map and the layout of the city, the Player must make intelligent assumptions about where the city is located. Every time you guess the incorrect country, Babelle will inform you how many kilometers and percentage points you have traveled. Prior to coming in sixth and last, you must be in the middle and close to the top because it also shows a tiny arrow showing the precise location of the nation (relative to the location of the country you guessed wrong).

You must figure out the basic puzzle game called Babelle. Babelle, you're only allowed to play one game a day, so don't spend too much time on it. I do hope you like it!


Using mouse

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