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Two players use their own set of six-letter tiles to create words on a game board in the cooperative word game Just Words. Even though there are some significant differences, this game and Scrabble are pretty similar.

The playing board is made up of a grid of squares, and each player starts the game with a set of letter tiles. Each turn, players take turns arranging their letter tiles to create words on the board. Words can be organized either horizontally or vertically and must be related to previously played words.

Players are awarded points for the words they come up with based on the letter values and any bonuses that are displayed on the board. Also, there are bonuses for using a specific word formation or for using all of your letter tiles in a single turn.

Every letter tile must be used at some point throughout the game, or else a player must give up. The player with the highest score at the game's finish wins.

In Just Words, players can choose to play against the computer or a randomly selected opponent or communicate with other people. The game is accessible for free through a variety of websites and mobile devices.


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