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Crosswords and brainteasers are combined in the game "numbers crossed," which requires you to work with challenging numbers. The gameplay is incredibly enjoyable and highly addictive, and the game's rules couldn't be simpler. You have a lot of hurdles to overcome in the game. Utilize all of your abilities since the game always finds a way to make things challenging for you!
Numbers Crossed is a type of puzzle and is frequently linked to Scrabble and brain games. This game has 7 votes with an average rating of 3.9, including 6 favorable and 1 negative vote.
On www.gamepix.com, it is a portrait-oriented game that can be played on both desktop and mobile devices. Published on 2022-05-19 and updated on 2022-05-19 is this game.

This game of logic and mathematics is cost-free, compelling, and difficult. For those who enjoy brainteasers, puzzles, and board games, it is the ideal strategy game. Although the principles are straightforward, you'll need to use all of your mental capacity to solve each puzzle! It's simple to learn yet extremely challenging to master this ultra-casual puzzle game. Each stage presents its own set of difficulties that need for strategic thinking, in-depth analysis, and focus. Are you prepared to challenge your pal and put your wits to the test? Good fortune!


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