About: Outspell

For fans of word games, Outspell is ideal.

The greatest aspects of crosswords and word searches are combined in this addictive game. Find as many words as you can on a game board covered with letters to test your word-finding skills. Outspell is made to keep your mind active while entertaining you for a lifetime.

How to play?

You must first decide on your preferred level of difficulty. Then, make sure your first-word contacts the center space when you write it on the board.
The machine will then spell a word that you provided. until there are no more tiles left, keep forming words!

Try to utilize the bonus spaces during the spelling game. Red spaces increase the value of the entire word, while blue spaces increase the value of the individual letter. Fun fact: Bonus spaces added to letters have their worth for the entire game!
You can always lose a turn by exchanging some of your letter tiles for fresh ones from the bag. You can also use the dictionary tool to check and confirm potential word spellings.
Happy playing in this no-cost online spelling game! Do you want to test your knowledge? For a greater challenge, check out our entire selection of spelling games online!



Using mouse

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