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The Weddle Game is the new Wordle for the NFL. Players in Weddle are not required to guess a secret word each day. They have eight chances to identify the unidentified NFL player instead. You need to know a lot about NFL players if you want to succeed in this game and earn a lot of money. In this scenario, the player must be proficient in both name recall and puzzle-solving. The only people who can win this game are devoted NFL fans with a wealth of memory.

What are the Weddle rules?

An NFL player's name, team, division, position, height, age, and jersey number can be guessed eight times in Weddle. Similar to the original Wordle game, a yellow box indicates that the guess is getting close to being accurate, and a green box denotes an accurate guess. An even more challenging version is coming.
Each letter is assigned a color after each guess: green, yellow, or gray. Green denotes that the letter is correct and in the proper place; yellow, that it is in the answer but not in the proper place; and gray, that it is not in the answer at all.

Who was Weddle's creator?

The NFL player guessing game Weddle debuted online on March 21. The game was created by two Shaker sophomores, Sam Hren and Joe Brancato, and is now played all throughout the country. It gained popularity after going viral on TikTok.


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