About: Dribble Game

The popular word-guessing game Wordle served as inspiration for the NBA-themed Dribble Game. The objective of the game is to pair up two NBA players with six or fewer mutual teammates.

How to play?

- Choose two NBA players to play the Dribble Game with. These athletes may be present-day or former athletes from any era.

- Fill in the respective fields on the game board with the names of the two players. If there are six or fewer shared teammates, the game will generate a list of all players who have shared opponents. These are the two players' "connections," if you will.
- Guess the links by typing the names of shared colleagues into the appropriate fields on the game board.

- Guess the links by entering the names of teammates who have worked together in the corresponding fields on the game board.
- After a guess is made, the game will let you know whether it was accurate and, if so, where the mutual teammate falls in the chain of links.
- If you haven't successfully connected the two NBA players with six or fewer teammates, keep speculating.

The faster you correctly estimate the link chain in the timed game, the greater your score. Similar to Wordle, the objective is to get the right answer with the fewest number of guesses. Enjoy yourself and luck!


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