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Word Wipe by Arkadium will help you increase your vocabulary and sharpen your mind. This popular word-finding game starts out easy but quickly picks up speed as you try to remove lines of letter tiles from the board in a certain amount of time. This free online game is surprisingly addictive and can be played in your browser. When you need a break from your daily routine, one of the many levels available can keep you occupied.

About Arkadium – Creator of Word Wipe

Arkadium is a founder-led creator of casual games for adults. Its games can be found on its own owned-and-operated site, Arkadium.com, as well as across a network of digital publishers including USA Today and the Washington Post. The company is headquartered in New York City with an additional office in Krasnodar, Russia.

Arkadium was named one of 14 New York Tech Companies to watch in 2016 by Forbes, and 'Best Workplace' by Inc. Magazine in its 2016 and 2017 issues. The company was named by Digiday as Employer of the Year, Tech platform category, in 2017, Crain's 100 Best Places to Work in New York City in 2017, and number 27 in AdAge's Best Places to Work in 2017. In 2019, Arkadium was named 'Best Workplace by Inc. Magazine, and the company's InHabit product, in conjunction with Spark Foundry and NBA, was named a Digiday Publishing Awards winner in the 'Best Custom Advertising' category for a 2018-19 NBA Tip-Off campaign. In 2020, the company was certified as a Great Place to Work, as well as won an award for Best Place to Work by the Business Intelligence Group. In December 2019, Forbes featured Arkadium's HR and hiring practices.

Word Wipe game

At the point when you play Word Wipe, the objective is to clean lines off of the 20x20 lattice. Either on a level plane or in an upward direction before the time expires. The first level only requires you to complete one line in 120 seconds. But as the levels progress, the difficulty increases as you must complete more lines in less time.

This word puzzle is easy to get started with. Access the website by opening a new browser window playing and then playing Word Wipe. Click on a beginning letter with your mouse. Move your mouse to select an adjacent letter, either horizontally, vertically, or diagonally, and then continue with another adjacent letter. You can effectively remove the letter tiles by moving your mouse over each subsequent letter until you spell your word. There will be more chances to find words as the tiles above the word that was erased fall.

Casual games are developed by Arkadium. Their well-known game, "Minesweeper," is likely familiar to Windows computer users. Arkadium, the developer of some of the most popular games in the world, has won numerous awards for its hiring practices and reputation as an excellent workplace.

How to play Word Wipe

Press the start button to begin the word game after it loads. The length of a word must be at least three letters. As you select contiguous letters, substantial words will become clear as the tiles abandon yellow to green. When you release your mouse, the word will vanish. While each letter must be utilized once, you can move toward any path during the arrangement or your assertion.

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Controls: You'll be able to control most of the game with your mouse during play. However, you can access relevant information while playing to the left of the letter grid. Your current score for that level, the points you earn for each word you use, and the remaining time are all displayed in the upper box. You can see how many bonus bombs you have and how far you've come toward meeting the line goals before moving on to the next level in the lower box. You'll find controls below these boxes that let you exit, pause, or play this word search, as well as a button to adjust the volume of the music and access an example of how to form a word.

Step by step

Step 1: You can look at a portion of the grid before pressing the start button. Before you begin, take a moment to see if you can find any words. Each level will be easier to complete as a result of this.

Step 2: Drag your mouse over the first letter and begin removing tiles. The tiles' horizontal and vertical lines will be erased from top to bottom when you clear the lines. The tiles will slide together if you clear columns in the middle of the board, allowing you to complete more words.

Step 3: Continue in this manner until either the time runs out or you reach the level's objective. Your bonus bombs will be charged even if you submit words after you have achieved the objective.

9 Tips and Tricks to Score Higher

If you'd like to compete with your friends or simply wish to beat your high score in the Word Wipe game, there are ways to get more points.

  1. While you're most likely to easily spot 3-letter words, you'll score more points for longer words.
  2. Before releasing your mouse for a word, check to see if you can make the word longer with letters either at the front or back end.
  3. Three of the same letter in a row also count as a word.
  4. Even if you've completed your goal of clearing lines for a level, complete as many words as you can before moving on to the next for a higher score.
  5. Clearing the grid will double your score for that level.
  6. A small bar will pop up under the score box once you have reached your goals.
  7. Except for the letter "U," vowels score lower points, so use as many consonants in a word as possible.
  8. Because you always need to watch out for the time you have remaining, it can be tricky to remember which words will give you a better overall score. Complex words won't always give you the highest score, so try to create words using letters with the highest points. Make a wordlist to keep on hand or to memorize.
  9. Don't forget to use your bonus bombs if you have trouble finding words or running out of time.

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