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Children are more than capable of being excellent readers, but inspiring them can be challenging. Playing games with their children that simultaneously improve reading comprehension and vocabulary is one method parents could discover success! Word Ladder offers children a game-like experience while teaching them new words as they practice word decoding. Playing word ladder has improved my son's fluency and overall reading ability. I would recommend introducing your child to this game right away!

In Words in Ladder, you start with one word and build a string of words by modifying just one letter at a time from the preceding word. The order's words should all be legal English words. Try TEA->PEA->PET->POT to make a word ladder from TEA->POT, for instance. Other titles for this game include Step word, Word Golf, and Ladder Grams.

Your children can play this game by themselves or in pairs. I typically enjoy playing it with my children.

- Give your children a beginning and a finishing word.
- Each player changes one letter at a time, striving to advance from the starting word to the final word.

- Make sure the starting and ending words must be the same length (for example, FLY and CRY, or SKIP and THAT).
- Typically, they are unable to alter the letters' placement.
- Additionally, each intermediate step must be a legitimate word.


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