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For Word Holiday, reasonable English proficiency is required. In this brainteaser, we must utilize our reasoning skills to piece together words from the letter combinations. Therefore, to connect the letters to form words, we use a "mouse" or "finger." Beginning with simple three-letter words, the difficulty rises with each level. However, it's beneficial to brush up on your English or pick up a new talent. We are able to purchase new themes or a small hint with the coins we can acquire.
Enjoy playing word locate and connect? You get to choose this!

- A fun game where you trade and look for words to help Alfred restore the bookstore!

- A variety of word games, including hard daily puzzles, more than 200-word search levels, and more than 2000 crossword levels, to help you relax and unwind!

- Renovated a bookstore you owned:

Gain experience points to adorn your bookstores and completely renovate the old mansion! Decorate and furnish the town's bookshop, the bookstore by the beach, and other locations to display your design prowess!

- Beautiful and elaborate themes: The abundance of stunning graphics and gaming settings will give you a fantastic visual experience and clear your mind.

- Rich rewards and secret gifts: As long as you complete enough crossword levels, you can acquire and use game items, cash, decorations, and even adorable pets!


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