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An exciting new online game called Aquatic Word Search is now for you. We draw your attention to a puzzle in it that is concerned with the world of water. The aim of your investigation is to identify the words. A specific playing area of a given size divided into an equal number of cells will be seen on the screen in front of you. Alphabet letters will be placed in each cell. The letters are standing close to one another, but you have to look closely to find them. They could be combined to create a word with a watery theme. Simply doodle a line separating them from the mouse. You choose this word, and the Aquatic Word Search game will award you points for it.

Locate words in a row of blocks (horizontally, vertically, or diagonally in any direction), press the block that displays the first letter, and advance along the line of blocks until you reach the end of the word. To pass each level, locate every word that is displayed in the left panel. Please finish each level for a chance to win.


Using Mouse

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