About: Citydle

Citydle is a daily guessing game for cities similar to Wordle. Most cities are plain to see. The solutions are typically found in larger cities and global capitals. Are you positive that you can name nearly all of the renowned cities in the world? See how far you can make it in the game.


For individuals who appreciate exploring cities around the globe, there is a word game called Citydle. In addition to being entertaining, this game instructs you on the locations of the cities inside the various nations. Playing the puzzle game Citydle is an excellent way to learn about geography.


The Wordle game served as inspiration for the gameplay, which is rather straightforward. Simply type the name of the city into the response field and click Submit. Depending on how closely your response matches the right one, the color of the word changes right away.

- The word turns gray, signifying that it is not on the right continent or in the right country.

- The word changes to orange to show that the country is inaccurate but the continent is correct.

- When the city is inaccurate but the country is correct, the word turns yellow.

Bingo! Word changes to green. Your answer is totally accurate. Congrats!


Using mouse

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