About: Kids Hangman

Kids Hangman is a fun and educational game that helps to stimulate people's memories. After selecting a category such as names, animals, or transportation, try to guess the hidden words. Once you've chosen a category, the subject will only focus on that, so keep guessing the word but don't let the hangman finish. Play with your friends to set new records with each game.

How do you play?

To solve the puzzle, guess the letters in the secret word. A letter can be guessed by clicking it or typing it on your keyboard.

You'll get points for correctly guessing each letter, and if you solve the word, you'll get points for how quickly you got it and how many balloons you had left. To win the game and earn a trophy, get the highest total score after 5 rounds!

Select quick play to begin playing right away, or create a private match to play with your friends. Copy the URL and send it to them so they can join your room.

To access the customized menu, click on your avatar during the game.


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