About: Mathler

Mathler is a math game made to appeal to math enthusiasts around. For those who love the novelty of the concept but not so much the word-guessing portion, this game is fantastic.
Finding the secret calculation that is equivalent to the provided number is your objective in the game Mathler, making it ideal for developing your skills. Mathematical symbols and numbers may be used in the calculation. Color cues will direct you and let you know if the chosen signs are placed correctly or not. Play Mathler to improve your math skills and have fun!

Game's rules

While Wordle and games like it may appear relatively similar on the surface, Mathler is far more difficult.

Six tiles must be filled, and each one must include a number or mathematical operator. In Mathler, all you need is the equation; in Nerdle, you must also include the answer in your guesses.

Unfortunately, you can't cheat your way through Mathler using tactical estimates and some strategic thinking because the target number varies every day.


Players must identify the "secret computation" in this math-based Wordle variation. In contrast to Wordle, the solution in this instance is a number. The task is to calculate the number using the digits 0 through 9 and the symbols +, -, *, and /or in the six boxes.

It is more difficult than it appears because there are numerous ways to obtain the solution on any given day. If the answer is 20, for instance, the solution might be 1*5+15 or 30-8-2. The difficult part is determining which path is the correct one.

The answer can contain duplicated numbers and processes. a+b+c is considered precisely the same as a+c+b, b+a+c, b+c+a, and c+a+b because Mathler also supports commutative solutions. As a result, the precise solution will be automatically rearranged from the commutative solution.

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