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About Weddle

The Weddle Game is the new Wordle for the NFL. Players in Weddle are not required to guess a secret word each day. They have eight chances to identify the unidentified NFL player instead. You need to know a lot about NFL players if you want to succeed in this game and earn a lot of money. In this scenario, the player must be proficient in both name recall and puzzle-solving. The only people who can win this game are devoted NFL fans with a wealth of memory.

Game's rules

It is a straightforward pastime that has grown in popularity due to how easy it is to use. The game of Weedle has a time limit of eight tries, and the winning prediction must be an NFL player on your eighth try. You must select the player you believe to be the worst player right now from a list of all potential players the game presents. Each player receives a different set of hints. Every day a new mystery player!

- With the fewest number of tries, identify the NFL player.
- Only active fantasy players, such as running backs, quarterbacks, and tight ends, will be permitted to be the solution player.
- Depending on how near the player your guess was, the color of the tiles will change after each guess.
- A match is indicated by a green column in any column.
- Yellow in the division column indicates the right conference but the wrong division.
- The color yellow in the relevant columns indicates the player's actual height, age, and weight measurements, which are accurate to within two inches, years, or numbers.

- Players are unable to start a new game on Weddle after finishing the day's game. Continue reading, and we'll show you how to play infinite Weddle.


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